The Pastor | Church Relations Department of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention is honored to serve churches by providing resumes of prospective ministers upon request, and to serve ministers who are open to staff and career changes by forwarding resumes to churches. Resumes are not checked for accuracy by the SBTC.

Hundreds of requests come into our office from churches seeking names of those willing to accept a new ministry challenge. We are an information sharing ministry. We do not endorse or recommend candidates or churches. We attempt to link congregations and potential candidates by matching certain basic criteria regarding education, experience, and other ministry data. Those receiving resumes provided by the SBTC should verify the accuracy of the contents of each resume.

Diligence should always mark the pastor or church staff search process. References should be secured in every instance, and be verified along with other background information. The fact that we have served our informational mission does not represent an endorsement of a particular individual or reference about competency to minister. Anyone considering a person's resume is strongly encouraged to do an appropriate background check of the individual since no checks have been done by the SBTC. Names and situations are shared in good faith with the prayer that God will use these efforts to introduce our churches to people eager to serve.

By continuing this process, you acknowledge and agree to the above statements. Calling a church minister, whether a pastor or staff member, is a kingdom task! That is why we must covenant in prayer to seek his guidance in these matters. Whether you are seeking to fill a staff vacancy in your church, or are willing to place your ministry in God's hand to seek his will, join us in praying that God will use this office to serve our churches in kingdom growth.

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