Welcome to Next Step Resume Service

Welcome, we are excited to be a part of helping you find your next step with your ministry!  Whether that be finding a new pastor for your church or finding your next church as a pastor, we are here to help. If you have questions, we can be reached at:

Pastor |  Church Relations Department
Tony Wolfe - Director
817-552-2500 / 877-953-SBTC (7282)

Churches Seeking a Minister

We offer consultation to pastor search committees and personnel committees as they seek pastors or other church staff members.

The Pastor/Church Relations Department offers orientation or training for committees as well as printed resources. You can request training or materials by contacting the SBTC offices at 817-552-2500 or 877-953-SBTC (877-953-7282, toll free).

After your request is received, we will send available resumes that match the data you have submitted. These will be sent to the email address that you included in your request. If you require additional resumes, then please submit another request.

Do you need information on church staff compensation?

Check out the online multi-state compensation study where you can run a customized report based on church size, budget, experience and more!

Ministers Seeking a Church

The Pastor/Church Relations Department provides assistance to ministers seeking ministry positions. Ministers can create a profile using our Next Step Resume Service. Resumes will be forwarded -- without evaluation or recommendation -- to churches upon request.

Your resume will remain active for six months, but can be reactivated after that time by accessing your account and clicking on "Make Resume Active." You may also deactivate your resume at any time.

Disclaimer: Information provided to inquiring congregations does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of candidates for a ministry position. This is shared as information only. View our resume service policy.